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    CSMFO is pleased to introduce you to the new Knowledge Base! The Knowledge Base has replaced the CSMFO listserve as the place to network, connect and collaborate with thousands of your fellow CSMFO members. This members-only tool is a way ...

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    Please note that FEMA has issued an extension of the deadline for Requests for Public Assistance (RPA). Procedures in 44 C.F.R. §206.202(c), stipulate that applicants must send a completed RPA (FEMA Form 90-49) "30 days after designation of the area where ...

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    Michelle,  Our AP clerk is working from home Tues-Fri and in the office on Sat to print checks and request EFTs. Some of our invoices are electronic so those are sent out for approval and approved using email approvals. The paper invoices are approved ...

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