• Municipal Member Dues Structure for 2023

    The CSMFO Board of Directors recently approved a change in dues structure for municipal members for 2023, expanding from a single municipal classification to two.  The Management category includes any municipal finance officer with management or supervisory ... more

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    Thanks everyone for the excellent responses. RAMS, our auditors, have been great reviewing my scenarios so I do not hit the cash account. Decided to post FMV only once a year for the ACFR, and we did not post FMV in the past as it was immaterial. ...

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    When I listened to the LAIF webinar, they made a comment that agencies should state in their note following the GASB 79 disclosure that LAIF is a Stable Value Fund and the investment is protected. You will get your full dollar back. I'm sure I didn't ...

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    Mike, In our monthly Treasurer's reports we have a market value column for all investments and a purchase cost column. We do not mark investments to market in our general ledger during the fiscal year. We only mark to market at June 30th for ACFR reporting ...

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    Hey folks - Happy thanksgiving !! Just a heads up. I just became aware that the phone bill for the landlines in our elevators provided by AT&T have been increasing monthly under our CALNET contract and are now over $1,000 per line (see explanation ...

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    Hi Mike, We have created a contra asset account to track LAIF FMV, we balance that against our Market/Gain tracking account, not touching the cash account. Then the balance sheet will show two entries, cash and a LAIF FMV adjustment, giving a final ...

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