• Municipal Member Dues Structure for 2023

    The CSMFO Board of Directors recently approved a change in dues structure for municipal members for 2023, expanding from a single municipal classification to two.  The Management category includes any municipal finance officer with management or supervisory responsibilities and will have a new annual rate of $125, up from the standard $110.  The Professional category includes all other municipal finance staff, or those without management or supervisory responsibilities, at a significantly reduced annual membership rate of $50.  There will no longer be a discount for the fourth or more member from the same agency.

    The primary intent of this change is to remove barriers to participation for any individual who wants to grow professionally through a better understanding of California finance. With an accessible rate, Professional staff can more easily join CSMFO and partake of the great training, resources, and networks available to members. Membership renewals for 2023 will be sent out on or about November 1st for next year.

  • CSMFO Committee Recap – Part 1

    CSMFO News has featured many articles and updates from CSMFO committees. You may have also heard about some of these committees at the recent CSMFO Annual Conference in San Diego. Have you ever wondered what CSMFO committees work on, or what kind of time it takes to be a volunteer?

    Check out Part 1 of our committee recap and check out Part 2 later this week! If you are interested in volunteering for a committee, please reach out to
  • 2022 CSMFO Annual Conference in San Diego Session Highlights

    With the theme set to Discover CSMFO – Exploring Our Financial Future 2022 CSMFO Annual Conference, there are a plethora of sessions to explore in a variety of topics ranging from accounting and financial reporting to financial management and leadership in our work environments. Leading up to the conference in San Diego, we thought we would highlight some of the upcoming concurrent sessions. We know it is tough to decide which sessions to attend at the conference with all the great content and speakers that the Program Committee lines up!